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About the Farm

East Brook Community Farm is located in the Western Catskills of New York, 2.5 miles from the Village of Walton, a small bustling town on the West Branch of the Delaware River. We arrived on this land in 2015, a beautiful 92-acre former dairy farm on the traditional territories of Lenape, Oneida, and Mohawk nations. Two springs on the mountainside generously feed the farmhouse, garden, young orchards, and livestock. The beautiful & clean East Brook runs through the ecologically diverse property, feeding into the West Branch of the Delaware River.

We operate a 0.75 acre no-till farm, and market our products through our CSA, wholesale to local stores and restaurants, and on-farm sales. Our growing practices may be described as falling under "regenerative agriculture," although they are a combination of knowledge from many sources, including many practices inherited from Black and Indigenous farmers. We strive to do right by the land we steward by minimizing soil disturbance, keeping living roots in the ground whenever we can, and protecting soil with organic mulches. 

We are a worker cooperative, co-owned by long-term members of the farm. We work collaboratively, with care for one another's health and well-being, as well as those of the land. We care about building a resilient and empowered community, both among ourselves as farmers, and in the community around us.

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