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Our 2023 CSA is full

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) members get an assortment of freshly harvested seasonal veggies weekly (or every other week) for our entire 24 week growing season, or their chosen portion of the season. The CSA is currerntly full, with a few spots possibly opening up in August. You are welcome to sign up, and we will contact you if we can offer you a space


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An important announcement to all our farmers market customers:

Unfortunately, we will not be attending the Walton or Franklin farmers markets during the 2023 season. If you are still interested in getting vegetables from us, the best way to do so is by signing up for a CSA share (CSA full until August). CSA members receive an assortment of freshly harvested seasonal vegetables every week (or every other week) all season long, and this is a great option for families or individuals who want to have veggies at the center of their diet. We will also have produce available in our farmstand this season, especially on weekends, although selection will be more limited than at a farmers market. We made the decision to pull back from farmers markets based on available labor we will have this growing season, and infrastructure upgrades we plan on focusing on this year. We would love to have you as a CSA member, and we hope you will continue to patronize the farmers markets in our area!

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