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Summer 2021

Mycology Internship

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Summer 2021



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This year we will be offering an immersive internship in mycology to Binghamton University students

Dates: July 12 - August 13

Location: East Brook Community Farm, Walton, NY

Interns will gain hands on experience in fungus identification and mushroom cultivation, while living and working alongside the farmers and researchers of East Brook. Daily responsibilities will largely consist of surveying the fungal diversity of the East Brook Valley, but will also include, cooking, cleaning, farm meetings, and other daily necessities. This is an opportunity to experience life on a working farm while honing ecological research techniques. Interns will be listed as co-authors in a fungal biodiversity survey paper to be published in the journal Mycotaxon in the winter of 2022.

Theresa Kadish

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Skills you will learn

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Learn how to collect, preserve, and archive fungal specimens for future research

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Learn how to formally describe fungal observations for peer reviewed publication

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Fungal Cultivation

Learn how to propagate and fruit mycelial networks in the context of a working farm

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Science Communication

Learn how to effectively communicate scientific knowledge 
through online video

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Consensus Decision Making

Experience living and working in a non-hierarchical context and collaboratively managing

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