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Rachael Kadish



Rachael has been farming at East Brook Community Farm since 2017. Prior to EBCF, she was a farm apprentice at Powisset Farm in Dover, MA and a Farmer Chef at Heifer Farm in Rutland, MA. At EBCF, Rachael co-manages all aspects of field production and business admin, leaving most of the marketing and sales to the extroverts. She's always ruminating on how to better feed our communities while supporting ecosystems and each other. When she's not farming or nerding out about farming, you can find her watching toads grow up, figuring out how to be a property manager/accountant, or guest staring in her partner's Tik Toks.  

Cicada has been with East Brook Community Farm since Spring 2018: first as a new farmhand under the mentoring of Sarah and Rachael, then holding down our presence at farmers markets.   Originally from Colorado, she toured communities and farms up and down the East Coast from 2016-2018 looking for farms on which to live and work. She first visited EBCF in November 2016 and a year later decided to make the move.  She enjoys writing poetry and participating in the Bright Hill Literary Arts Center's Word Thursdays, working on her collaged oracle deck, learning about the many plants with which we share this land, and playing board games.

Cicada Musselman



Anthony Beck



Anthony has been co-managing our produce growing since 2020 and also supports our livestock programs. He first became acquainted with EBCF in 2017 and spent many years in the food systems community before taking the full plunge into farming and joining our core team. Along the way, he has worked in a soil biology lab, farmed community-scale vegetables and dairy cows in Virginia, managed a deeply multicultural farmers market, and completed an apprenticeship on an urban CSA farm in Washington DC. Anthony believes that the mark of good farming is to care for both land and people, leaving resilient ecosystems and communities in our wake. Besides growing veggies, you might find Anthony saving seeds, working on a watercolor painting, whispering hellos to forest floor plants, or slinging vegetables at one of our farmers markets!

Ryn has been coming around EBCF since 2019, at first as seasonal help, but now as a full-time resident and farmer managing the animal husbandry programs. Ryn grew up in the sterile suburbs of Maryland, but as an act of adolescent rebellion re-turned towards community, their hands and the earth. They farmed in the Ozarks, Berkshires, and the Adirondacks before calling the Catskills home. Rin is passionate about providing animals with a good and healthy life both to provide good and healthy food for humans as well as to promote a good and healthy ecosystem. When not caring for animals you can often find Rin tinkering in the shop, working on infrastructure or building small, well made and beautiful objects.

Rin Hartka


Andie is a baby farmer and the newest member of the EBCF crew. 2020 was their first season farming, and they quickly fell in love with the garden and developed a growing interest in medicinal plants. Andie was born and raised in New York City, but has always loved getting their hands in the soil and feels most at home surrounded by trees and plants. They come to EBCF from a background in arts education and maintain their own film and visual art practice in their free time, inspired by the nonhuman life and environment in and around the farm. They are excited to keep learning about and practicing regenerative agriculture techniques, land stewardship, and herbal medicine.

Andie Hope


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