CSA Add-Ons

In addition to veggie shares, we raise cut flowers and pastured whole chickens that CSA members may add on to their shares - or that can be purchased as stand-alone shares! Additionally, we are excited to offer the option of a fresh-baked bread share to our CSA members through our friends at Moonwell Bakeshop. While we don't raise cherries, we hope that these add-ons can be the cherry on top for your veggie share.

Read on to learn more about each add-on option, and click the button below to sign up for add-ons!

Fresh Cut Flowers

Pick up a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers with your vegetable share, or treat yourself and sign up just for a flower share on it's own!

Flower shares are run for 10 weeks in July-September, (specific dates TBD), and are available in 3 bouquet sizes:

- Posy: $50 (6-10 short stems for $5/week)

- Basic Bouquet: $100 (12-15 stems for $10/week)

- Bountiful Bouquet: $200 (20-25 stems for $20/week)

Cut flower shares are avaialbe at all CSA pickup locations.


Whole Pastured Chickens

Our chickens are raised lovingly on-pasture in mobile tractors that are moved daily - which means that they get fresh grass to forage on every day! We also kill, clean, and pack our chickens right here on the farm.

Whole chicken shares are $16/week, and can be customized to match your veggie share pickup dates, or be picked up less frequently than veggie shares

Each chicken share also comes with a bird parting workshop, where we will teach you how to part a whole chicken into thighs, drumsticks, etc.

Shares of frozen chickens are available at all CSA pickup locations. Fresh (never frozen) chickens are only availble to pick up at the farm.

Fresh Bread Bags from Moonwell Bakeshop

Moonwell Bakeshop is offering shares of mixed bread as a CSA add-on this year! All breads are made with 100% organic, locally sourced flours, and locally sourced eggs, dairy, and fats. Moonwell breads are handmade and baked in a wood-fired cob oven (affectionately named Moonwell).

Bags include the baker’s choice of assorted bread and baked goods. Each share may include: naturally fermented loaves, English muffins, flatbreads, rolls, and other goodies!

Bread Bags come in 2 sizes, at either a market price or a reduced sliding scale price:

  • Small Bag: 2-2.5 lbs (ideal for an indivdual or couple)

    • $14/week = $336 for 24 weeks / $168 for 12 weeks​

    • Reduced price $12 week (choose if market rate feels expensive) = $288 for 24 weeks / $144 for 12 weeks

  • Big Bag: 4-5 lbs (ideal for families and bread lovers)

    • $28/week = $672 for 24 weeks / $336 for 12 weeks​

    • Reduced priced $24/week (choose if market rate feels expensive) = $576 for 24 weeks / $288 for 12 weeks

Bread bags from Moonwell Bakeshop are Available to match your vegetable share, or for a shorter portion of the season. Bread shares are available at the farm and Walton Farmers Market pickup locations, but if you are curious about other pickup locations, you can reach out to Moonwell Bakeshop directly at