CSA Add-Ons

In addition to veggie shares, we raise cut flowers, pastured whole chickens and fresh eggs that CSA members can add on to their shares - or that can be purchased as stand-alone shares! While we don't raise cherries, we hope that these add-ons can be the cherry on top for your CSA. 


Flowers and frozen chickens are available for pick up at all CSA pick-up locations. Eggs and fresh-never-frozen chickens are available for on-farm pick up only.

Fresh Cut Flowers

Pick up a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers with your vegetable share, or treat yourself and sign up just for a flower share! 

Flower shares are for 10 weeks (July-September, specific dates TBD), reflected in the prices below:

- Posy: $50 (6-10 short stems for $5/week)

- Basic Bouquet: $100 (12-15 stems for $10/week)

- Bountiful Bouquet: $200 (20-25 stems for $20/week)


Whole Pastured Chickens

Our chickens are raised lovingly on-pasture in mobile tractors that are moved daily - which means that they get fresh grass to forage on every day! We also kill, clean, and pack our chickens right here on the farm.

- Full Season Weekly Chicken Share: $360 (24 weeks total)

- Full Season Every-Other-Week Share: $180 (12 weeks total)

Let us know if you would like a whole-chicken share for a shorter period of time and we will work it out!

Farm Fresh eggs

Our laying hens are raised free-range with the utmost care and a diverse diet of foraged plants and insects, kitchen scraps, garden waste and compost, and conventional feed.

Egg shares are available in very limited quantity, so we cannot guarantee eggs to all who request them.


- 1 dozen eggs add-on: $4/week

- 1/2 dozen eggs add-on: $2/week