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Our Intentional Community

We are a community of 8 people who live and work together, most of whom are income sharing. We are still in the formative stages of our community, and meet often to discuss and make decisions about important aspects of community life. In addition to our farm business, we manage 40 laying hens & ducks, young fruit & nut trees around the property, honey bees, and shiitake mushrooms. We enjoy wild-crafting and food preservation (fermenting, drying, canning, and freezing). Aside from homesteading, we like to eat together, meditate, take walks on the land, learn new things, play games, make art, write poetry, and have bonfires. We expect & support each other to strive toward showing up with our whole selves (sharing about our emotional, spiritual, and creative sides with each other), to embody healthy leadership, considerate decision-making, healthy collaboration, self-management, an ability to listen and appreciate differing points of view from our own, and meet people where they're at.  We're fostering these things here by doing different forms of personal growth practices - collectively and individually.

Barley Fields
Arial View of Green Field
Close Up of Corn Field
Wine Farm
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